• Sonia Shurmi

    • Name: Sonia Shurmi
    • Date of birth: 11 Sep 1993
    • Nationality: Bangladeshi
    • Address: 31/G,Mohammadpur,Dhaka
    • Phone: +8801628563534
    • Email: soniashurmi@gmail.com
Web Developer


Hey, i am working as a web developer since 1.3 years . I am working a Bangladeshi well-established software company and that is RR Foundation Institute . Before that i also worked a theme development company, that was themea2z.

I am also a web developer at shapebootstrap , themeforest etc . I have try to give some description and link about my other marketplace,s work . U can see those in my portfolio section.

I have some experience about client work . i have also include those in portfolio section. plz visit my work. I hope u,ll like it. Stay with me and ofcourse give me ur suggetion plz . That,s why i can show u more better work . Thank You


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Bangladesh University

Computer science & Engeneering

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My Blog

Something Makes Dreamer

Item 1

It was 03 june 2016 . A very special Day to me . For the first time i got a crest from my present company,s CEO Rasel Ahmed .

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Item 1

Black & White Always Special

There are many types of prefessional photography of me or other things . I love photography so much . Phtography , cycling is my speical hobby .

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Seeking Like A Seeker

Item 1

It,s one of my favourite location and favourite photo also . U can see my other favourite location. Just click on image.

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31/G Bashbari Road , Mohammadpur , Dhaka

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